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to the Arizona State Cartographer's Office.

The Arizona State Cartographer's Office is dedicated to improving access to GIS information and geospatial data. Below are new geospatial web services that are available for your use.

Arizona Geodata Portal

The AZGEO Portal is an initiative of the Arizona Geographic Information Council and is maintained and hosted by the Arizona State Cartographer’s Office and the Arizona Land Resource Information System (ALRIS). The Portal is designed to provide GIS users with links to Internet map services, FGDC compliant metadata, and geospatial data downloads. The AZGEO Portal was created to provide access to geospatial data resources for Arizona agencies. AZGEO also allows for group collaberation and tiered data distribution.

Arizona Imagery Server

The Arizona Imagery Server is an ArcIMS map service that allows the viewing of Arizona orthophotography. The service is intended to be used as a map service in desktop GIS applications, but the online viewer may also be used by those without access to GIS software. The imagery is not available for download due to the large size of the data files.

Arizona Geoserver Viewer

Height Modernization is an effort of the National Geodetic Survey (NGS), an agency within the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), to assist states in improving their geodetic control networks. A geodetic control network is the fundamental reference system used for all mapping activities, whether they are national or local in scope. Height Modernization began as a technical effort to utilize emerging Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to determine and propagate precise elevation, hence the name. The primary goal of Arizona Height Modernization is to establish a statewide geodetic network that efficiently supports all surveying, engineering and mapping activities.

Arizona State Land Department


The Arizona State Cartographer's Office serves the Arizona GIS community by

  • establishing a clearinghouse of information about data resources
  • developing web-based information services
  • improving access to GIS databases
  • preparing GIS policies and standards
  • coordinating the development of common projects
  • providing support for the Arizona Geographic Information Council

Arizona State Cartographer's Office
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